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DIXI, výroba plastových obalů a.s.
DIXI, výroba plastových obalů a.s.
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Produkte- HDPE, PP, PET

Dear business partners,
In this catalog you can review all our containers and get additional pieces of information. You can search according to the bottles name, bottles volume or type of products. All products are being manufactured of non-toxic materials that comply with the requirements of the law 258/2000 of the Collection of Laws and regulation of Ministry of Health no. 38/2000 of the Collection of Laws (expert opinion of State Health Institution no. CZ P 21-2763/01, EX 413363 issued on 25.02.2002).
Some of the containers are also certified (ÚN code) - the code is stated in a "note" directly on the container.
Please get acquainted with the delivery conditions of our company:
Time of delivery
The time of delivery shall be 14 days if not stated otherwise on the order form. You can send us your order by regular mail, e-mail or fax.
The packing shall be made in accordance with your request. We use either PE bags closed by welding or we put the goods on pallets with layers.
We shall provide the transportation upon customer?s request. In case of railway transportation and a full carriage there shall be no freight charge. With any other kind of transportation the freight charge shall by paid by your company.
We?ll mail you our price list upon request. The price list includes the basic prices for transparent (colorless natural) designs. If you request any other design, the container's price shall be increased by the requested color.
Quality of products
Our products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
By now you shall have all basic information and you can start selecting our products.
We are truly looking forward to receive your kind orders.
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